• We are engaged in the business of financing and investment activities
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Product & Services

The Company is engaged in business as an Investment Company and to invest in, acquire, hold, buy sell or otherwise dispose off or deal in securities of all kind shares, debentures, bond, units, government securities, treasury bills, commercial papers, negotiable instruments of all types and kinds.

To purchase or acquire, hold, trade and further to dispose of any right, stake or controlling interest in the shares, stocks, debentures, debenture stock, bonds, obligation or securities of companies or partnership firms either singly or jointly with any other person(s), body corporate or partnership firm carrying out or proposing to carry out any activity in India or in any other part of the world.

The Company is engaged in the business of financing and investment activities.

Business Operations

Under this segment, the Company is providing various financial solutions such as:-

  1. Corporate loans.
  2. Personal loans.
  3. Trade financing.
  4. Investment in Equities.
  5. Trading in shares & securities.
  6. Advancing loans against securities and properties.
  7. Financial, technical, management, professional and all others types of skilled services to the customers as advisors.
  8. Identification of project and project evaluation.
  9. Capital Structuring and Financial modeling.
  10. Preparation of project reports.
  11. Conducting feasibility analysis.
  12. Risk analysis and allocation.


Presently our Company is offering blend of services to the commercial, industrial and financial communities in order to provide our clients one stop financial solution:-

Corporate Loans

The company provides loan to corporates to meet their long term and short term fund requirements.

Personal Loans

The company provides personal loan to individuals to meet their long term and short term fund requirements.

Working capital loans

The company provides an easy solution for working capital financing. Most small business would qualify for a

Investment in Equities

The company provides equity investment to companies to meet their long term fund requirements for businesses.

Trade Finance & Bill Discounting

Bills discounting is an effective solution to short-term fund requirement arising on account of blockage of funds